Sunday, 28 November 2010

get the ellie goulding look!

newlook - £8.99

topshop - £48.00

topshop - £15.00
topshop - £25.00

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

wish list!

River Island - £34.99

Amazon - Style Diaries - £11.04

Republic - Black Playsuit - £24.00

Newlook - Leather Look Biker Boot - £26.99

Dolly Bow Bow - Vintage Pink Rose Locket - £7.99

Junk Jewels - Floral Bracelet - £8.00

Republic - Miso Brown Barrel Bag - £26.99

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

lush haul

i ordered this stuff online, and it was stuff i hadn't seen or noticed in the store.
so i thought i would try these products out...

snow cake soap  £2.60
godmother soap £2.65
marzibain £2.75
amandopondo £2.75
bathos £2.50

marzibain bubble bar - £2.75

i think this is a really cool bubble bar,
it has a nut sort of thing in the middle (thats why i wanted to try it)
im not crazy about the smell,
it smells like a strong soap, but it smells clean and fresh.
i cant wait to try it!

snowcake soap - £2.60

so i loved the sound of this soap,
mine didn't come with the pattern on, but oh well!
this smells amazing!
some people think it smells of play-doe
 but i think it smells of cherrys...that might just be me!
but if you see this in store, make sure you smell it!

bathos bubble bar - £2.50

this has a very floral scent,
it smells of lavender or roses,
but its amazing!
i cant wait to use this.

the godmother soap - £2.65

this is my favourite smell!
i adore it, it smells of sweets,
the kind of smell you get when u walk into a sweet shop!
can't wait to try this out!

amandopondo bubble bar - £2.75

this bubble bar has a purple rose coming out of the top,
its so pretty!
again, this has a very floral scent to it,
it smells of roses, and i cant wait to see what its like!

i will be doing lots more lush hauls after christmas,
so keep checking my blog for more!
i will also do a review on each product after i have used them all!
have you tryed these products? let me know what you think!

i love these styles!